April Scent of the Month: Fresh Cut Tulips


So it’s April, but we wanted to start a new feature on our blog and introduce one of our scents to you each month! Better late than never, right?

Here is what would have been our scents for the previous months of 2015:

March – Spring Break Themed – Butt Naked

February – Red Hot Cinnamon

January – Hazelnut Coffee

Without further ado…here is April’s scent of the month:

Even though spring seems to be hiding this week, our spring fever is kept alive with our scent of the month, Fresh Cut Tulips.

Fresh Cut Tulips is a delicious, light-hearted spring floral scent that reminds us of a gorgeous, sunny day. For those who are interested, here is the ‘official’ scent description:

 Elegant and diffusive, this soft green floral fragrance blossoms with a bright aldehydic-citrus top note balanced by fresh tulip, muguet, lilac and hyacinth. In the spicy floral center, an intoxicating blend of jasmine, rose, carnation, coriander and hints of herbal. Softwoods complete the base of this fragrance.


Photograph used with permission by Ld Nature Photography

The candle comes in a vibrant red, much like the red tulips you may see throughout the season.*


We first tested the scent earlier this year, and couldn’t wait for spring to introduce it into our spring flower line!

See more of our spring and other scents we offer here.

Check out this page for details on where you can find us this spring.

*You can customize your candle to have no color. Contact us for more details

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