Candle Ingredients

Having a clean burning candle is important to us, and that includes knowing what goes in to each candle we make. Like you, we love the joy, comfort, relaxation and ambiance a candle combined with a yummy scent can bring, and want to make sure we’re contributing to a non-toxic environment.

Our candle ingredients:

  • 100% all natural, non-GMO, soy wax : the soy wax we purchase is made
    with US grown soybeans which helps supports US farmers. The soy wax
    is also processed in the USA.
  • Soy based scents : free of most solvents, mineral oils, dipropylene
    glycol and petroleum/paraffin. Many of the scents we use are also
    blended with essential oils. Visit our candle scent and description page for more information about our individual scents.
  • Dye : we do use a very small amount of dye in our candle batches for color options.
    However, we can also make the candles dye free.
  • Jars : we use Kerr glass mason jars for our candles. These are made in
    the USA. After the candle is done burning, you can easily clean out the
    remaining wax and wick, and reuse the jar. Visit our burning instruction page for detailed information on cleaning out your jar after the candle is done burning.
  • Wick : we use all natural wicks made from cotton and primed with soy
    wax. The wicks are paraffin and lead free.
  • All of our candle supplies, with the exception of the jars, are purchased
    from a local Minnesota candle supply company.


For more information, visit our ‘Why Soy Candle’ page.

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